Amazon FBA: How To Start Amazon FBA With Little Or No Money For Inventory

Amazon FBA: How To Start Amazon FBA With Little Or No Money For Inventory

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Amazon FBA is a great online business model that doesn’t require exorbitant capital for a start. You can start Amazon FBA with little or no money for inventory.

What is Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)?

This involves you registering with Amazon as a seller; send your items to Amazon’s fulfilment centres to store it. After Amazon receives your inventory, you can monitor it through their tracking system.

In clear terms, it means you going to shop for deals, sending the items to Amazon and Amazon does what its best at – which is selling and customer service.

Doesn’t this make it easy for you to make more sells since you don’t have to deal with product delivery? Rather it offers you the opportunity to focus on sourcing hot-in-demand items to list on Amazon for sale.

How do you start Amazon FBA with little or no money for inventory?

Start From Your Home

Truth be told, there are a lot of hot-in-demand items that you have in your home that you aren’t even using again. In fact, some you’ve already forgotten they exist, but that same items you have forgotten its existence are highly sort after by hungry market willing to pay handsomely to have them.

I could remember when a close of mine was about starting Amazon FBA, he was dead broke. I then advised him to look within for items that he no longer uses but is still intact. He did exactly that and found a box of toy that was gifted his brother when he was 3 years old.


And at his age now the toy was of no use to him, so he picked it up and headed straight to the Amazon fulfilment store near him. Long story short, this was how is journey started and Amazon FBA is paying him off very well.

In your case, you might decide to look out for used books but still intact. Try as much as possible to stay away from mass-market novels, rather focus on textbooks, manual guides, obscure titles that are out of the market.

Go for what is not readily available, like items that add value but are scarce or going out of the market. It could also be gifts, a box of toys and any other thing that you know that someone will be comfortable to pay you in exchange for.

Leverage On Thrift Stores And Garage Sales

A thrift store is a shop specialized in the sales of second-hand clothes and household goods, typically to raise funds for a church or charity while garage sales involve the sale of unwanted household goods held in the garage or front garden of someone’s house.

With the above definition, I believe you now have a good understanding of the term “thrift store and garage sales”, if you previously don’t.

This is a very good opportunity because most goods sold here are intact and cool, but the sweetest part is that they are sold relatively very cheap.

For Amazon FBA, my friend sells only second-hand books and toys. But while he is at thrift stores and garage sales, he looks out for items (Starbucks, mugs, vintage china and toys, designer clothing and bags, other collectibles) that he can sell on eBay.

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You can copy his style of selling only second-hand books and toys on Amazon FBA or you can try selling other good sound-hand items.

The essence of this write up is to show you that you actually start Amazon FBA with little or no money for inventory and scale up your business.

There’s never a limit to how far you can go and the best way to start is to get started. And I hope that this information added value to you.

Have any contribution on starting Amazon FBA with little or no capital for inventory? We would love to hear from you via the comment section.



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