Top 6 free Dropship Directories Of Wholesale Suppliers And Manufacturers

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Are you a retail dropshipper, a dropship company or intending dropship retailer seeking to join any of the free dropship directories to enable you promote/source for good products and great deals?

If that sounds like you then this article is just for you. Read this article to the end.

In this article, I will be revealing to you the top 5 free dropship directories that you can join today without having to worry about paying a dime as a registration fee.

Why did I even take it upon myself to reveal this information to you?

It is simple, I decided to carry out deep research to uncover those free dropship directories because I perfectly understand that some persons willing to start a dropshipping business might not actually be ready to spend a dime (possibly because they don’t have the money or that they are afraid of losing)

If you belong to any of the above classes, with these top 5 free dropship directories you can start your journey of becoming a dropship retailer or utilize it to promote your brand without further excuses.

Top 6 free dropship directories of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers

  1. Spocket

This is one free dropshipping directory that I personally like because of the quality of products that their dropshipping suppliers carry. They don’t just accept any dropshipping supplier; they sure take their time to scrutinize a supplier before accepting him/her. It allows dropshippers access to suppliers selling original US/EU products.

This dropshipping directory allows you to choose the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world.

And what makes spocket stand out from others is that it is forever free, no credit card required.

Just sign up, choose from a wide collection of dropshipping suppliers and take your dropshipping business to a whole new amazing level.

 2. Wholesale central

Wholesale Central is a leading B2B directory of wholesale suppliers and products. Wholesale central offers powerful sourcing tools to help resellers find thousands of pre-screened wholesalers, importers, distributors, drop shipping companies, and manufacturers.

To ensure the security of every member of wholesale central, they personally review and screen every company that is listed on wholesale central to be sure that they are true wholesalers.

All companies are investigated from time to time, and any company found fraudulent is removed immediately without any form of delay.

Wholesale central offers zero fee registration.

   3.UK Local wholesalers

This free dropship directory boasts of 20+ popular categories. And like wholesale central, they equally take out time to screen every of their listing to ensure that fraud is kept at the barest minimum.  But to be on the safer side, all potential buyers are advised to check the validity of a wholesaler before parting with any money.

Registration on UK local wholesalers is completely free, with no membership fees.

    4.The UK Wholesalers

The UK Wholesalers was started by David Heasman back in 1999 when the internet was very much in its infancy.

During this period only a few people had access to a computer while internet connection and mobile connectivity was still a pipe dream.

The UK Wholesalers’ aim has never been to publish the longest list of wholesalers. They have scam protection so that merchants only see and deal with legitimate manufacturers who are at the top of the supply chain.

Registration on the UK wholesalers is completely free, with no membership fees


Esources is said to be the UK’s largest wholesale directory of UK wholesale distributors, suppliers and products.

They currently boast of 1,585,100+ listings comprising of UK Wholesalers listings, International wholesalers, dropshippers, wholesale products, trade leads, auctioneers and others.

This platform is designed in such a way that it allows you to track your advertising performance, receive alerts on new buy requests and stay ahead of your competitors.

It also offers you an opportunity to freely list your buy requests.

Registration on Esource is completely free, no membership fees

   6. Dropshipsites

Dropshipsite which is one the free dropship directories boast of 30+ different categories. Their listings are carefully vetted to avoid frauds. This site is not sophisticated like the other free dropship directories, so you’ve got to take extra caution

Hope you find this information educating and valuable? This is information applies to both dropship wholesalers and retailers.

As a wholesaler, you need to list your products with dropship directories (paid or free dropship directories) to increase your reach and sales volume.

And as a dropship retailer, you need paid or free dropship directories to easily source legitimate products from legitimate suppliers, dropship companies and manufacturers. See all top 5 best free dropship companies with no membership fees.

Have any contribution or knows other free directories? Feel free to share them with us via the comment section.

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